The following are books and cds recommended by the staff of Dunes Baptist Church. 


From High School to High Calling

 by Sam Geckler

   Do you ever feel like your life has no purpose? Do you want to serve God but are unsure of how to know you are doing His will? As a teenager, you are at a critical time to choose either God or the world. In "From High School to High Calling" you will find practical advice in finding and living in the will of God.


 Take It Personally

 by Paul Chappell

  In this practical manual, learn how to share the gospel, how to follow up on new Christians, how to cultivate relationships with people not yet saved, and how to involve young Christians in growth and gospel witness. Take It Personally will encourage and equip you to own the Great Commission as your personal responsibility and to obey it as you share the life-changing message of the gospel.





 by John Goetsch

Every Christian is engaged in an unseen—yet real—spiritual battle. But not every Christian chooses to stand and fight that battle in the strength and armor God provides. Overlooking the underlying components of their personal, family, relational, or ministry struggles, they try to cope with human logic and fleshly efforts. Like blaming bent trees for the gusty wind, they fail to see the spiritual nature of what they are up against. You must not ignore the battle, pretend it doesn’t exist, or attribute its forces to the people and circumstances around you.


  Keeping the Balance in Christian Music

  by Jeff Fugate & Family


We listen to music in the car, when we exercise and while we work. When we go to church, we expect music to be a part of the service. It is present just about everywhere we go.Dr. Fugate and his family have given us excellent instruction that we might keep balance in the music that we use in our homes and in our churches. This book will give you the guidelines needed to keep the balance in your music.