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These are sermons preached from the pulpit of Dunes Baptist Church. There are those by our Pastor, Ron Geckler; our Pastor's Assistant, Samuel Geckler; our Youth Pastor, Sam Geckler; as well as other evangelists and missionaries. Please feel free to listen to any of the messages here or download them to your phone, tablet, or computer to listen to at a later time. The DBC Audio Podcast can also be found on Stitcher and Apple Podcasts.


Are You a Fellowlaborer?   -Pastor Ron Geckler

Secrets of a Growing Church   - Pastor Ron Geckler

How to be Happy   - Pastor Ron Geckler

7 Steps to Blessedness   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler

But There is a God in Heaven   - Assistant Pastor Samuel Geckler

God's Working on Both Ends   - Assistant Pastor Samuel Geckler

Set Up Some Memorials   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler

Having a Spirit-Filled Life   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Last-Minute Instructions   - Pastor Ron Geckler

What Kind of Friend are You?   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler

A Daily Dose of God's Word   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Jesus - Like No Other   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Attributes of Awakening   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler

Motivations for Missions   - Pastor Ron Geckler

The Power of the Resurrection   - Assistant Pastor Samuel Geckler

Step Out for Jesus   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Spiritual Acrophobia   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Steps to Victory   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Run to The Strong Tower   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Use What You Have   - Assistant Pastor Samuel Geckler

To Whom Shall We Go?   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Faith of a Good Mom   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler

What Jarius Had   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Where to Take Our Cares   - Assistant Pastor Samuel Geckler

You Can Stay in the Fight   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Bless God, I'm on the Winning Side   - Assistant Pastor Samuel Geckler

What to do in Perilous Times   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler

Onward, Christian Soldiers   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Fishers of Men   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Some Thnigs Never Change   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Why We Need a Pastor   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler

Great and Mighty Things   - Pastor Ron Geckler

4 Keys to Being a Good Soldier   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Cry Out   - Pastor Ron Geckler

ThanksLiving   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler

A Season to Remember   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus   - Assistant Pastor Samuel Geckler

Praise the Lord for Christmas   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler

The Greatest Christmas Ever   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Three Steps to a Happy New Year   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Constrained By Love   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler

How to Have the Victory   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Occupy Til I Come   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Get Up and Do Somethning For God   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Be The One   - Pastor Ron Geckler

Availing Prayer   - Youth Pastor Sam Geckler


2018 "Stay in the Fight" Fall Revival

You Determine the Depth of Your Valley  (Sun. A.M.)  - Dr. Justin Cooper

Plow the Fallow Ground  (Sun. P.M.) - Dr. Justin Cooper

What's All the Shouting About?   (Monday P.M.) - Dr. Justin Cooper

Symptoms of the Spirit-Filled Life  (Tuesday P.M.) - Dr. Justin Cooper

I Love My Church  (Wednesday P.M.) - Dr. Justin Cooper





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